10 Gifts For Foodies

10 Gifts For Foodies

Everyone knows someone in their life who is a complete foodie! They enjoy going to fancy restaurants, cooking up interesting dishes, trying new taste sensations – if it involves food, they love it. Here are some great ideas for the perfect gifts for foodies!

1. Personalized Cheese Board

Whether that foodie you are buying for loves cooking with cheese or just loves to eat it, this is a fantastic option for a practical and thoughtful gift. For less than $30, you can order them this sleek, personal board for their kitchen that doubles as a cutting board and a serving board! You can customize the engraving in 9 different styles which can include a custom name, date and more!

Gifts For Foodies: Personalized Cheese Board

 2. Foodie Dice

Know somebody that always has lots of food in their cupboards and refrigerator and likes to experiment in the kitchen? Foodie Dice is a perfect way for them to find a new and exciting way to spice up their mealtimes! The different dice, which include options for different proteins, spices, grain/carb and even which cooking method to use can be rolled and combined to give your food-lover friend a unique experience for their next meal. And there are vegetarian and vegan friendly options on the dice as well!

"GiftsGifts For Foodies: Foodie Dice

3. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Chances are that the foodie in your life wakes up every day eagerly anticipating a tasty breakfast! The Breakfast Sandwich Maker is a great idea to give them something fast and delicious they can create in the morning as soon as they get out of bed! They just pop a variety of different breakfast sandwich ingredients into this mini-appliance and in five minutes they’ll have a wonderful morning meal. Plus, the surfaces are made with easy-to-clean coatings and the removable parts are dishwasher safe!


4. Taco Holder

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesdays? This charming Chihuahua Taco Holder makes for a great gift for someone who loves this tasty tradition. Works perfectly with hard or soft standard size AND jumbo size tacos and tortillas. It’s cute, high quality and is microwave and dishwasher save!


5. Pepper Grinder

An absolute essential to have in the kitchen of a foodie is a really good pepper grinder. You’d be surprised how often the quality of these little gadgets are overlooked in most people’s kitchens! Cole @ Mason makes two really nice options, one of wood and one of stainless steel – pick the one that will fit nicely into your gift-recipient’s decorative style!



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6. Fruit Slicer

Sometimes all a foodie needs is to snack on some delicious, fresh fruit! Here’s a neat option for a gift that will help make their fruit preparation easier! This is a fantastic option for busy foodie parents who don’t always have time to take out the fancy cooking knives, but still want to use that classic refreshing fruit in their recipes.


7. Electronic Wine Opener

What could be more convenient for that everyday wine-lover than a Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener? Instead of struggling with a corkscrew, this handy device can be used to open up your wine bottles, cork and all, plus it also comes with a chiller to keep your wine cold for hours! It opens 30 bottles on a single charge, and it’s sleek-looking and comfortable to grip at the same time!


8. Olive Oil Gift Set

One of the most popular cooking ingredients, whether used in a recipe, or as a topper, is a really good olive oil. This gourmet set of olive oils will liven up a variety of dishes with some delicious flavors. Bursts of sweet, salty, smokey and savoury are included in this gift set to suit the full food lover’s palette!


9. What To Eat Pads

With all the fantastic food and flavors in the kitchen, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what you want to eat during your week. This What to Eat Pad comes with 60 sheets and a magnet to stick it right on your fridge. Plus, you don’t even have to cook, there are options to mark when and what you will have if you plan on going out for dinner or ordering take-out.


10. Magnetic Spice Tins

Finally, for the food lover who loves to spice it up: these classy, Magnetic Spice Tins can hold all your favorite spices. They come with pre-made labels so you can quickly identify which spice you want to work with and you can stick the sturdy containers directly to your fridge or any steel surface in your kitchen for easy access.

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