Gift Ideas For Fitness Lovers

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

Do you have a friend or family member who just loves fitness? We all know that person who is crazy about exercise, constantly playing sports and working out, and always focusing on their fitness regime. Check out some of these awesome gift ideas for the fitness lovers in your life!

1.Hydration Pack

Do you know a fitness lover friend who is into running and hiking? This Hydration Pack is a great option for a practical and stylish gift! It is lightweight, high-quality and slips right onto your back, with pockets for important items like your phone, keys and those trusty energy bars!

2. Gym Bag

An essential gift for that person who is always working out is a good gym bag. Sunpow makes a durable, quality bag that is trendy, comfortable to carry and has room for all your essential gym items, including a special compartment just for your gym shoes! Plus, it can fold up into a small compact for travel and storage purposes!

3. Blender for smoothies

Every fitness lover needs a way to make those vital protein shakes and smoothies that provide the nutrition they’ll need to keep with their exercise regime! This blender is powerful and able to grind meats, cheeses, nuts and all sorts of fruits and vegetables to make that tasty and healthy drink. It is quiet, fast and it even comes with a recipe book with ideas to get you started!

4.Exercise dice

There are times when a fitness lover has those days where they want to branch out and switch up their regular routine. These Exercise Dice are a perfect way to pick out a fun, unique set of exercises for your workout! You can play by yourself, or break it out with your gym group and compete against all your fitness buddies!

5. Fitness Planner

Here’s a fantastic tool for a person who takes their workouts and fitness very seriously. This Fitness Planner has everything – workout logs, food journal, goal tracking templates and ways to track each exercise, your body measurements and nutritional information. It also has a handy section that gets you thinking about your fitness mindset, because it’s very important to stay focused!

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6. Fitbit Charge 2

Ah, the perfect accessory for your fitness-loving friend! This techy device tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, as well as your heart rate and even your sleep patterns! It also has unique features like a personalized Cardio Fitness score and guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.


7. Run Fast, Eat Slow

Before and after a strenuous day of exercise, it’s important to make sure you are eating a good, nourishing meal. Co-written by a professional athlete and Olympian and an award winning chef, this recipe book is full of great meals , snacks and drinks for that are nutritious and delicious at the same time.

8. Wireless Headphones

These wireless, waterproof and sweatproof headphones are a great addition to the fitness lover’s accessory collection! They fit comfortably in your ear, and have both quality sound and noise cancelling features. A full charge gives you up to 8 hours of use, so you can go for your super long runs or spend a day in the pool doing laps


9. Yoga mat carrier strap

For your yoga-obsessed fitness friend – this gift idea is hard to beat. It comes in two sizes to fit different mats and people of different heights, with adjustable straps and is available in many different colors!

10. High quality jump rope

One of the most overlooked easy and fun ways to work out is using a jump rope! It’s got a good solid handle, and a durable, lightweight rope. You can take it out any time for a quick cardio burst of exercise!

11. Body Wipes

For that on-the-go sports and fitness lover, these body wipes are a great option for a gift. After a long workout, hike or run in the countryside, these natural, cleansing wipes are perfect for the bus or long car ride home to shower.

12. Sleep Mask

It’s vital for a day of exercising to have a good sleep going in and coming out. Get your fitness loving friend a soft, comfortable, blackout sleep mask so they can have a long, quality sleep to prepare them for the day ahead and refresh them after a long day of working out!

13. Dry Shampoo

A useful idea for that friend who is always exercising is a good dry shampoo. It’s a quick spray that will keep their hair looking and smelling good even after working out!

14. Epsom Salts Bath Set

Show your fitness loving friend that you are thinking of them by getting them this Epsom Salts Set so they can relax, soothe and purify their body after a long, grueling day of exercising.


Did you like this gift guide for fitness lovers? Please let me know what you thought and if you have any questions, queries or opinions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below!


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