Giving The Perfect Gift

Every year, life comes with many opportunities to show the people in your life that you care, with a gift. There are holidays, birthdays and ample amounts of life milestones to celebrate like new jobs, engagements and buying a house, to name a few. There are reasons without an occasion to give a gift, as well! Essentially, you could use any reason you’d like to give a gift to someone you care about.

Everyone wants to give the perfect gift, but finding a really wonderful gift idea can be a bit stressful. Here are a few ways that you can make this process easier and more successful!


Start by thinking about the person to which you are giving the gift.

  • What are they interested in?

Make a list of the topics that this person likes to talk about. Do they have one that they just can’t stop discussing whenever you see them? Do they have a particular passion for a certain aspect of life, like sports or cooking or gaming? If they have a social media account like Facebook or Twitter, have a good look to see what they like to post about most frequently.

  • What do they occupy their time with?

Consider what this person does with their life on a daily basis. Are they a full-time parent that spends day after day caring for their little ones? Consider a gift that might make their home life easier – like something they can use to cook or clean more efficiently. Maybe a gift that accomplishes two efforts at the same time like a unique themed physical organizer that also caters to one of their passions!  Do they have a long commute to work? How about a gift that will make it more comfortable or nice for them, like a massager for their car-seat or a decorative item for their dashboard?

Here’s an interesting tip: gifts don’t always have to be an item that you bought from a store or ordered online. There are many different formats for a thoughtful and creative gift!

  • Give the gift of a fun and/or unique experience!

Consult your list of what they are interested in. Maybe they are always talking about the delicious meals they’ve had at different restaurants? Consider getting them a ticket to a food and wine show! Do they have a new hobby like they are learning to play the guitar? What about finding and offering to pay for a guitar-learning course at their local community centre? There are websites that tell you about events that are coming to your city – subscribe to one and keep your eyes open for something that fits into their niche!

  • It doesn’t have to only be one item. Get creative!

Are you buying a gift to celebrate a certain occasion? Consider putting together a gift basket of items that they will need for whatever they will be doing! Did your sister announce that she’s getting married? Put together a wedding day survival kit with items that she might need on her wedding day! Your friend just bought a new house? Give him a box of items he’ll need for moving day!

  • Gifts can come in other forms too!

Think again about the person’s interests or life events. What do they need in their life that can’t be bought? Are you buying for a couple that has a busy toddler? Offer to babysit for a night while they and their partner go for a date night! You can even do some cleaning for them while they are out!

If your friend’s birthday is coming up and you know they have a very busy schedule, but would love to have a party – offer to plan a party for them! Set up a short visit with them to find out what they’d like, and then take it into your own hands and plan something wonderful for them!

  • Be sneaky to figure out something you know they’d love!

Do a bit of searching over the internet to figure out if they have any wishlists on various websites. Do they wear a lot of makeup? Try to figure out if they have a Sephora “Loves” list and buy something from there? Do they play a lot of video games? Check to see if there is an item on their Steam wishlist that you can gift to them!

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Take a look around their house the next time you are over. DO they have a lot of art disaplyed? Consider surprising them with a ticket to an art show at the local gallery!

  • Consider the presentation of the gift!

If you are going with a non-traditional style of gift, why not try to match it with a unique way of presenting it?  One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was given to me in the form of a scavenger hunt. I was running around my house finding clues on pieces of paper that eventually lead me to the “treasure”.

You could also incorporate a bit of devilish humor and wrap your gift in multiple layers, like a box within a box within a box, wrapped in multiple layers of wrapping paper.

If you are artsy, try using a website like Adobe Spark to make a custom card to go along with your gift and you can even print it out yourself on a fancy paper stock. A little creativity goes a long way!

  • Your generosity can extend beyond the actual person you are giving the gift to!

Is your gift-giving target a person who already gets what they desire for themselves on a regular basis? Consider making a charitable donation in their name to a cause you know they believe in. Are they an animal lover? Donate to a pet rescue organization. Do they work with or volunteer with children? Give a donation to the local children’s hospital. There are many organizations and non-for-profit company that do good for the world in different ways – pick one that you feel is close to the person’s heart and give a worthwhile gift for a great cause!

Do you have any remarks, queries or suggestions for an excellent gift idea? Feel free to comment below – I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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  • This was a great post. I love giving thoughtful gifts, but sometimes it is so hard to pin someone down! I particularly love the idea of charitable donations for those who already have everything they could want!

    • You’d be surprised how significant a gift in the form of a charitable donation can be if the charity really hits home with your gift recipient. The look of a loved one’s face when you show them you are aware of how much a certain cause means to them is priceless.

  • Wow – great tips! It goes to show that thoughtful gift giving takes thought, not just picking up some random item that you see. I thought our “be sneaky” tips were especially helpful — almost everyone has wish lists out there and I hadn’t thought about searching for those! Thank you!

    • The amount of helpful, but not initially obvious information you can find online is endless! If you google a person’s name and go right through all the hit pages, you can sometimes find clues or even straight out links to lists they are a part of that will inspire you to get them a great gift!

  • Great ideas! One of my pet peeves is obligatory gifts–I’d rather not receive anything than something given purely out of obligation. You have great ideas for being thoughtful. And the treasure hunt has worked great for my kids–especially when we knew they wouldn’t have a hard time guessing what the wrapped lego boxes were under the tree! Thanks for sharing!

    • Obligatory gifts are no fun – it’s always better to give something that has some inspiration behind it! As for the treasure hunt, I’ll let you in on a little secret – it was actually something my then-boyfriend, now-husband did for ME several years ago! Totally won me over! I can imagine it would also work fantastically with children as well. 🙂

  • My husband did a scavenger hunt one year when we were on a tight budget. It had simple things like my favorite dessert at the end but I still remember it and love that memory today – years later.

    • My husband did the same thing! That’s where I got the idea. I remember running excitedly all around the house, and even going outside in the snow to retrieve clues. Funny enough, I don’t remember the actual “treasure” at the end. The scavenger hunt experience was the real gift for me. 🙂

  • I struggle every year with this – I want to find something that is “just perfect” for everyone. The best solution that I’ve found is to be looking year round for gifts, instead of waiting for the holidays, then I don’t feel rushed. The only hard part is remembering where I put those gifts that I bought in the summer – lol.

    • It’s a wonderful idea to constantly be looking for gift inspirations. When you do come across something perfect, it’s a great feeling to know that the gift will really mean a lot to a friend or loved one. As for the stockpile issue – you could maybe designate a bin in your bedroom or storage room for all the gifts you find throughout the year, and label each of them with a sticky note to show who it is for? Keep it with your wrapping paper? 🙂