High-school Graduation Gift Ideas

Highschool Graduation Gift Ideas

Walking across their high school stage to accept their diploma is a true defining moment for a teenager, one that often marks the transition into young adult life. What better way to celebrate this milestone than a thoughtful graduation gift? Here are a bunch of ideas for a perfect gift for that lucky graduate!


1. Mini Tool-Kits

Graduating high school requires teenagers to be prepared for the world of young adult life, so why not provide them with some useful tools to help them out? Literally! There are many affordable choices for Tool-kits that will help someone through a basic fix-it situation when they are off on their own. This option comes in a sleek black and silver color with two possible choices for sizes!  There are even ones for less than $20!

2. External Phone Battery

It’s very difficult these days to see a young adult without their mobile phone right next to them. You see students with them everywhere – at the park, on the bus,  in the food court at the mall…etc. Sometimes they will even spend hours and hours at these locations! Most cellphones start to develop a low battery life after only a few weeks of use, so why not gift the new graduate a external phone battery to extend their battery life for several hours? They come small enough to fit inside a pocket like the Anker PowerCore, or you could spend a little more and get Aukey’s external charger (that can still fit in a purse or a larger pocket) that can charge multiple devices at the same time like an iPad or even a portable gaming device?

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Heading off to college for the first time often comes with sharing a dorm room, and not everyone will end up with the ideal roommate. Sometimes they don’t share the same sleep schedule, or maybe they will end up with a roommate that really likes to party or crank up their music! A possible solution and a great gift idea is to get them a good pair of noise cancelling headphones to drown out any distractions! Tech Radar recommends this great and affordable pair from Plantronics that is comfortable, wireless and has a fantastic battery life.

4. College Backpack

Going off to a new school is the perfect excuse for a nice new backpack for carrying all your new college textbooks and even a laptop. This option from JanSport is very spacious with good compartments and a very durable material. It also comes in a huge variety of colors! If you want to go slightly more high-tech, try this backpack from Mancro with an anti-theft lock, built in USB charging cable and specific laptop compartment. Plus, it’s water-resistant for those treks to campus in bad weather!

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5. Water Bottle

Whether they are trekking to class, an excursion or a social event, it’s important to remind the new graduate to stay hydrated at college! This Contigo water bottle is super affordable with a pop-open drinking spout and a quick lock to make sure it doesn’t spill. Plus it has a handy clip to attach it to their backpack or laptop bag! Another, fancier option is this excellent quality water bottle from S’well that keeps cold beverages cool for 24 hours or hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours. It’s made of a special material that won’t get your things wet from condensation and it’s also made by a company that works with UNICEF to provide clean drinking water for children all around the world so the higher price tag is worth it knowing your money is going to a great cause!

6. Digital Assistant

This is an extremely useful and also quite trendy gift option for a new highschool graduate. This little device called the Echo Dot from Amazon sits on the graduate’s desk, or their kitchen counter and uses voice controls to set musical alarms and reminders, make phone calls, send and receive messages, read the news and provide a ton of general information just by asking it a question! They can even program it to control compatible devices around your home like TVs, lights, locks and more. The built-in software constantly adds new features and abilities, so this gift will continue to get more and more useful.


7. College Survival Kit

Want to fit in a whole bunch of useful items into a gift for a new college student, but keep the tone light and funny? Try putting together a kit with a bunch of smaller items that will help them out as they head out to college or university. If that’s too much work, the Freshman Survival Kit is a great option with everything put together for you and ready to gift!

8. How-to-Survive College Book

Sometimes the best thing a young adult can get when they graduate from highschool is the reassurance that they will be okay going off to college. There are a few really useful books written in witty, humorous ways that will catch their attention and really help them out in their first college experience. The Naked Roomate is a really well-written book that covers almost every topic you can think of when it comes to surviving post-secondary school, from handling money to academics and classes to social experiences and relationships, and much more. Other book options with great reviews are the brilliantly written Freshman Survival Guide and a compact, easy-to-travel book with tons of good advice called 1001 Things Every College Student Needs To Know




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