Unique Ways To Give A Gift

Unique Ways To Give A Gift

Finding the perfect gift for someone is definitely a challenge, but it can be very rewarding. What can be even more enjoyable is the way in which you present the gift! Everyone loves receiving something they can use in their life, but only a select few people remember exactly how they were given it, and how they felt as they opened it. Read on to learn about some creative and unique ways to give a gift!

1. The Treasure Hunt

One of the most memorable gift experiences I’ve had was when my then-boyfriend, now-husband created a treasure hunt to give me my birthday gift. The idea is to give your friend or loved one a piece of paper that has a clue to another location, and in that location there will be another piece of paper, and so on and so forth until in the final location, they find your gift! You can make this as personal or as challenging as you’d like, whatever you feel suits the style of your gift receiver. They will love running around excitedly finding leads to the next message. It’s a great gift for couples and it’s undoubtedly a wonderful experience to give to a child as well!

2. The Trickster

Do you have a sibling or a best friend that you love to the moon and back, but also sometimes drives you crazy sometimes? Here’s a cunning way to give them a gift experience they will never forget: layer the gift wrap! Wrap the gift over and over in the same or different wrapping papers – if this gets too expensive you can try magazine or newspaper pages, it doesn’t have to be fancy! If you are feeling creative, you can write a quick entertaining message on some of the layers, such as “I bet you thought this was it!” or “You are probably wondering what your gift is, but you still have a ways to go!” One thing is for sure, they will definitely appreciate the gift once they finally get to it!

3. The Fake-Out

Similar to The Trickster, this gift is definitely of the mischievous nature, but it’s sure to put a smile on your gift receiver’s face, once they’ve got past the devious grin you have on your face.  Present your gift to your loved one and watch when they open the first layer and see the package or a box of a gift that isn’t even close to exceptional enough to be a gift for them. This could be a printer box or a package of lightbulbs, anything that will get them thinking “Really? You got me THIS for our anniversary!?” But when they finally open up the packaging, which you might have to encourage them to do in a subtle way, they will be pleasantly surprised to find out the real gift is inside, and it’s a lot more excited than some random home supplies!

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4. The Unexpected Discovery

If your gift receiver likes surprises, this one will definitely be a winner! Try placing the gift in an inconspicuous location, but one that they will definitely come across unexpectedly at some point during their day. You could place it inside their favorite cereal bowl or mug that they reach for to have their breakfast. Other spots could be inside a shoe, or sitting on top of the bag of cat food. You could even hide a gift at the bottom of a bowl of candy or popcorn in a clear plastic bag. Watch their eyes grow huge as they realize there is something special here for them! Just make sure you don’t place your surprise gift in a spot where it could accidentally get knocked over or fall behind a piece of furniture.

5. The Mail Delivery

This one works especially well for the people that you live with. Try sending a gift through snail mail, inside a package addressed to your loved one. Imagine their reaction when they open the package and realize the package they got in the mail is actually a gift from the person standing right beside them!

6. The Special Place

For a gift recipient that means a lot to you, few things are more significant then presenting a gift in a location that means a lot to both of you. Offer to take them on a magical mystery tour, to a place that holds memories for the two of you, whether it be the friend’s house where you met, the comedy club you had your first date in, the pet shop where you happily decided it was time to buy your first pet together. Try to make it look like the action of taking them to that location is the gift itself, and then just when they are reveling in happiness over the sweet gesture, present them with their real gift!

7. The Surprising Delivery

The first step is to plan a night out with your gift receiver. Choose a public, but interesting location, with lots of people around, such as a restaurant or a festival, or a concert. The idea is to arrange for a public call-out to your loved one from somebody unexpected. You could have somebody call to them on an intercom or loudspeaker asking them to come to check if they are missing a lost item. Or have your server tell them they need to change tables and lead you to another table, where your gift is waiting for you. This unlikely delivery will definitely spark happiness and joy in a way they’d never expect!


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